Pet Pawtraits, so purr-fect, they make you cry!

"The personalised mug I received was so good, it made me cry! What a brillant keepsake of my wonderful dog!"

7 Reasons to buy a personalised mug from us

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1. It's affordable, cute and unique.

We want to be known for beautiful, affordable pet products. We think we provide that to you with this cute personalised mug.

2. It fits neatly on your office desk

This is a regular size ceramic mug

3. Every morning you see a gorgeous portrait of your furr-baby and read a wonderful personalised message.

It will put a big smile on your face when you have your morning cuppa.

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4. Portraits so good they make you cry (and they take more than 24 hours)

Our portraits are so good, that many people who receive them cry when they open them.

We also believe a great pet portrait takes longer than 24 hours to produce, thats why we give ourselves 5 days and allocate 2 designers to each portrait.

We even off a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund the cost no questions asked.

5. We have really good reviews

We have received many 5 star reviews, our customers love us!

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6. They make a great keepsake

Our portraits make a great keepsake, so you can remember your furry friends for a lifetime.

7. It's all in the eyes

We are obsessed with the eyes, it is 100% our favourite part because it’s where we connect. The eyes are where we meet the soul and where we bring the subject to life. It’s where you our lovely customers, fall in love. We spend hours gazing into their eyes as we draw, perfecting their character and getting to know them.

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Just a few of our creations

Don't take our word for it, here are some wonderful reviews

“We were so happy with our picture of “buddy”! It looks so much like him. The detail and expression they have captured is unbelievable.”

Nancy, Yorkshire, UK 

“We purchased one portrait, but loved it so much we had to then get one of all the dogs. The company were so helpful, they arranged a custom print for us.”

Wendy, Scotland

“We went for the mirror first, but when it arrived we loved the portrait so much we had to upgrade and get a larger print of “Molly”.

Carol, Devon, UK

“Purfect Pawtraits are reasonably priced and unbelievable quality, we don’t know how they do it!”

Sam, Essex

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Some of our favorite portraits

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