What is your refund and return policy?

For printed and shipped items: orders will not be refunded unless they are damaged via shipment. I do not accept returns or offer refunds unless an item is damaged. Please be sure to read the item listing carefully so that you know what you are purchasing. Should an item arrive damaged, I will ensure that […]

How long does it take to get the item?

Our talented designers can design the item within 2-3 business days. The design is then sent to you for approval. Once approved we then send for manufacture which can take an additional 2-3 business days and then it will be despatched. There are a number of shipping options. Due to the number of variable factors, […]

Is the product well packaged?

Yes, the product is very well packaged. We protect the corners of the frame, wrap in bubble wrap and cover with cardboard. The item is also marked as fragile when it is posted.

What are the product options?

You can either purchase a 30 x 30cm or 40 x 40cm framed photo. The frame comes in black or white. The photo can stand freely or be hung on a wall. The paper used to print onto is lustre photo paper 240gsm. The frame is made of acrylic and we use perspex rather than […]

How do you create your art?

Please know that all of my artwork is created digitally. I use manual processes to create beautiful, affordable prints. Nothing in my shop is hand-drawn or hand-painted. Working digitally means that I can provide proofs and edits to orders–these are things that would not be possible withdrawn or painted pieces. Please read all the listings […]

What is the design process?

Once you have sent our talented designers the photo of your pet they will get to work and create a digital art render of your pet. This will then be sent to you as proof of the artwork for review. Once approved the artwork will be sent to our manufacturers who will print out the […]

How do I send you my photo?

Once you have made the purchase you can send the photo to our email address richard [at] purfectpawtrait.com.