Purfect Pawtrait Cushion


A wonderful cushion that will sit proudly on any chair or sofa | FREE delivery

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  • Our cushions arrive pre-filled, with a zipped outer that can be dry cleaned.
  • Our cushions are handmade to order incorporating one of our great portraits produced from an image of your dog.
  • They are printed full color, full bleed and the reproduction quality is superb.
  • Each cushion is individually cut and sewn by hand and features a print on both sides.
  • The pillows inside are soft yet hard wearing and made from canvas.
  • Dry clean only.


Imagine being able to cuddle up next to your pet on the sofa even when they are not there! Well that is exactly why our cushions are so popular.

You can either have a portrait on each side, or a portrait one side and a lovely homely saying the other side.

Once you have a portrait done by us, all of the items we stock will become cheaper for you as we have already taken the time to prepare the portrait, so the cushions, framed art, mugs etc, are all instantly cheaper to you, our loyal customer.


What better way to celebrate the cuteness of your pet than by commissioning a personalised portrait to display proudly at home.

We promise to supply you with the best Purfect Pawtrait! This custom pet portrait makes the perfect piece to mark any significant life event, be it a housewarming, birthday, wedding, paper anniversary, first anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, cat or dog memorial and more.

With this home décor by Purfect Pawtrait Limited, you can now see your pets in artistic glory. Your custom pet art will show the pet of your choice (based on a photo you send to me) as well as the pet’s name (if you so choose).

This is the unique piece that’s sure to be a showstopper–but we can’t promise there won’t be tears. Celebrate your memories with a piece that freezes impassible love for eternity.

Capture the special memories of your pet that will last a lifetime and make a beautiful keepsake.

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12" x 12", 16" x 16", 22" x 22"